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A selection of books, magazines, and online outlets in which I've published writing (academic, critical, and creative).

"An Index of Performance-Based Work" in Rodney McMillian: History is Present Tense
(Descriptive texts) | The Contemporary Austin / Radius Books
November 2018
Ryan Gander, The day to day accumulation of hope, failure and ecstasy
(Essay) | The Contemporary Austin
September 2017
Graphic Arts Future
(Essay) | Sonnenzimmer
September 2015
Sonnenzimmer, "Mitgusto"
(Edition Review) | Art in Print
January 2013
Josiah McElheny's "A Painter's Life"
(Edition Review) | Art in Print
January 2013
Grow No Moss
(Poetry Chapbook) | Artist book
Your Personal Panopticon: An Interview with Christopher Meerdo
(Artist Interview) | The California Printmaker / Printeresting
September 2011
Picturing War: What Is It Good For?
(Exhibition Review) | Art in Print
September 2011
John Opera: Anthotypes (Chicago)
(Exhibition Review) | Printeresting
April 2011
Ryan Travis Christian / Ebersmoore Gallery
(Exhibition Review) | Newcity
February 2010