• New essay for Sonnenzimmer | January 2018

    New essay for Sonnenzimmer | January 2018

    It is always a treat to get to work with the Chicago-based Sonnenzimmer (Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi). I've known them for a decade now (whew!), and in that time I've worked with them as an editor, a publication production manager, a writer, and a curator, and every experience has been equally inspiring and engaging. They are both such brilliant people, and I'm glad to call them my friends.

    They're bringing their delightful, printmaker-selves all the way to Austin this month to open a new exhibition at grayDUCK Gallery, and I've written an essay on their recent body of work called Café Avatar. I'm always appreciative when they are game for me to be playful with art writing (my favorite thing to do!), and when we can bounce ideas off of one another in image and in language.

    Look for the essay in my "Writing" section of the website, or here.

    And, don't miss a great new body of work from my dear one, Anthony B. Creeden—Nick and Nadine invited him to exhibit in the "Decoy" front space of grayDUCK, and I have to say, these new paintings are kickin'! His show is called Cacti and Semaphore.

    This awesome publication (screen printed, of course), titled A Glimpse and a Glance on the Ice Rink. also includes a conversation between Nick, Nadine, and Anthony, as well as an essay on Anthony's work by the lovely Jessi DiTillio, art historian and curator extraordinaire.

  • Recent Jurying | January 2018

    Recent Jurying | January 2018

    It's been fun recently learning about the incredible pool of local artist talent in central Texas through jurying prizes, pools, and awards! In the fall I was a regional judge for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, and this month I'm participating as a juror in the Artist Foundation of San Antonio Visual Artist award category. Then, in a few weeks, I'll meet up with the City of Austin's Art in Public Places (AIPP) team for a review of their Local and Pre-Qualified Artist Pool.

    Such a wide range of ideas, projects, and passions!

  • A Reading with Coco Picard & Friends | December 2017

    A Reading with Coco Picard & Friends | December 2017

    Sweet Caroline Picard (of the kick-ass Green Lantern Press and Sector 2337 in Chicago) invited me to read just before the holidays at Austin's amazing independent bookstore, Malvern Books. The occasion was to celebrate the release earlier in 2017 of Coco’s graphic novel The Chronicles of Fortune. Along with Caroline (stage name, Coco), Devin King, Anthony Madrid, and Nadya Pittendrigh also read their work.

    If you'd like, you can watch my portion of the reading (about nine minutes) here.

    I read from my 2011 poetry chapbook, Grow No Moss.

  • More Mothernism News! | January 2017

    I'm excited to share that later this year a long-form essay of mine ("The Mother-Shaped Hole: Lise Haller Baggesen’s Mothernism") will appear in a forthcoming volume from Demeter Press, titled Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, and Maternity.

    The Contemporary Austin has also recently released a video recording of the discussion Lise and I had in February 2016, which you can watch above.

    And, if you would like to listen to Lise's Mothernist Audio Guide to Laguna Gloria you can do so here on SoundCloud. You can also read the text here on the museum's website.

  • Recent press | September 2015

    Recent press | September 2015

    We had fun with Rebecca Marino in this recent interview about the Permanent.Collection project over at Conflict of Interest!

    Photo credit: Rebecca Marino, 2015.