Julia Vodrey Hendrickson
Untitled (Hair)Grow No Moss (Cover artwork)Poetry Broadside Set"I don’t see how—not now, at least!""May as well gather it up!""I keep telling you, I don’t know!""Let’s get away from here!""Perhaps, Fräulein, but I shall do the rest.""C'mon over heah, little lady.""B-b-but, I d-d-didn't mean...""Hey, don't drop dat der.""Tell me another one sometime.""But I won't just tell it to you-- I'll show you, too!""You bought a freakin' video-tape machine?""gymnasts flung across the diabolic cutlery of sunny rivers""Ohh-- what did I say--?""Slippery fellers, ain't they?"
These hyper-realistic photographic prints, collaged with the graphic, overblown qualities of cartoon imagery, are surreal paradises where logic exists in a constant state of warfare with elements of the unknown. Futuristic machines assemble in peripheries, lurking with a subtle violence that is subverted only by the presence of satire and play. Small objects are made monumental, skewing perception of the visual space and placing them outside of time. Each scene is a constructed illusion—stanzas brimming with narrative implications—filled with poetic fragments of an unfamiliar everyday.